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Scottish Governing Bodies Governance Framework

Find out about the principal governance framework for governing bodies and other sports organisations in Scotland

Governance codes and frameworks

Scottish Governing Bodies Governance Framework

Scotland’s sports council, sportscotland, produced the Scottish Governing Bodies Governance Framework (SGB Framework) to ensure that the relationship between performance, development and good governance is fully integrated strategically and operationally and that investment decisions are based on robust plans with a clear focus on agreed outcomes.

SGB Governance Framework

sportscotland states that the overarching aim of the SGB Framework is:

To enhance governance in Scottish Governing Bodies (SGB)s, ensuring they are well led; robust and legally compliant; and are effective and efficient in their operations, fostering strong partnerships. SGBs will be investment ready, positioned for growth and best placed to deliver outcomes for the sport. They will provide real results and return on investment to their members, sportscotland and other strategic partners.

The principles for SGBs in Scotland to adhere to are as follows:


  1. Commitment to implementing the Nolan Principles
  2. Commitment to continuous improvement
  3. Strategic planning framework
  4. Appropriate board composition
  5. Succession planning

Robust organisation

  1. Effective performance management systems
  2. Clear roles and responsibilities
  3. Legally compliant
  4. Effective control environment
  5. Appropriate operational structure

Strong networks

  1. Positive relations and partnerships
  2. Proactive GB and home country engagement