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Developing governance understanding

Our trusted resources are designed to help you get to grips with all aspects of sports governance. Discover how to implement good governance practices and download resources to help you raise standards, meet and exceed compliance goals and use governance as a tool to drive success in your organisation.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge base

The SGA knowledge base is organised by topic into key areas of governance practice. Each module includes several different types of resources to meet a wide variety of needs. These include accessible guidance that explain key governance concepts and principles, frameworks and checklists to help structure and support your governance activities, and templates and exemplars to assist your preparation of key documents.


Essays In Sg

Essays in sports governance

In this essay, Kirsten Fasey offers a timely discussion of organisational resilience. Drawn from her academic work, practical application of research methods, structured interventions in sector bodies and experience of the workings of national organisations, Kirsten offers a definition of what resilience is and the characteristics of behaviours and processes that might demonstrate it, as well as providing suggestions about practical steps to enhance collective resilience.

Organisational resilience - sports bodies in times of change and uncertainty