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Championing sports governance

The Sports Governance Academy is the governance support hub for the sports and physical activity sector. We help everyone leading, working and volunteering in sports organisations to develop good governance in order to achieve their goals.

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SGA impact assessment

We would love to hear your feedback. The SGA has commissioned the research company Substance to undertake an impact assessment of our activities. This will help us to understand how the sport and physical activity sector uses our services and how we can better support it.

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SGA impact assessment

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Revamping English Women's Cricket: Navigating Growing Pains

The ECB's recent structural overhaul and funding boost to the women's game is widely seen as a large step in the right direction. With this have come some transitional challenges which Sam Green-Armytage from the Sports Governance Academy has considered below.

Revamping English Women's Cricket: Navigating Growing Pains

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Board Development Fund - apply now

This year's Board Development Fund is now open. Take a look to see how your organisation can apply for free in-house training.

Board Development Fund

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Safeguarding Adults Roadmap

The Ann Craft Trust has launched a new online tool to help sport and activity organisations develop create safer environments for adult participants.

The Safeguarding Adults Roadmap is designed to help organisations develop their understanding of what it means to create a safer environment. It breaks down the process into six manageable stages, providing tools and resources to help organisations develop effective strategies for implementing meaningful policies and procedures.

Safeguarding Adults Roadmap

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Why governance matters

We see governance not as a burden, but as an enabler of your organisation's performance.

Done well, governance can help you to thrive and meet your goals, be open and accountable and build trust with your stakeholders. Done poorly, it leaves organisations, those who work in them and those they serve, vulnerable and at risk.

So, what does good sports governance look like?

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