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Board evaluation


In the final session of our board-focused webinar series we are discussing carrying out an effective board evaluation.

It is a requirement of the Code for Sports Governance that organisations conduct an annual internal review and undertake an externally facilitated review every four years. But, beyond compliance, a well-run organisation will see the value in regularly assessing the board’s performance and the governance arrangements in place.

For this webinar we are joined once more by Alison Gill, former Olympic rower and CEO of Bvalco. Alison has extensive experience of working with boards and conducting external board reviews for organisations across different sectors of the economy, including sports bodies.

Accompanying Alison is the chair of EMD UK, Nigel Wallace. Drawing on Nigel’s expertise in the physical activity sector and experience of leading EMD through a board effectiveness review in 2019, our speakers will delve into the scope and process of undertaking an evaluation, the value in doing so and common challenges faced along the way.

Throughout the session our speakers will offer advice and guidance on best practice, ensuring the board and organisation as a whole buy into the process, and how best to implement the review’s findings and recommendations.


You can access and download useful resources using the links below.


Alison Gill

Alison Gill is a founding director and CEO of Bvalco. She helps boards and leadership teams prepare for the future by designing and delivering external board reviews, with a particular emphasis on the human behaviour and dynamics elements that can contribute to, or undermine, board effectiveness. She is valued for her ability to listen deeply to issues and concerns and for helping leaders find actionable solutions. By background Alison is a behavioural psychologist. Prior to co-founding Bvalco, Alison spent 18 years running a consultancy helping clients to understand the impact of values, behaviour and culture on performance. She acted as a special advisor on matters of culture and behaviour to Sir David Walker, for his Review of Banks and Other Financial Institutions. This gave rise to the recommendation in the Corporate Governance Code that boards should be reviewed externally once every three years.

Nigel Wallace

Nigel has a strong background in both education and commercial ventures. A former teacher of children with special needs, lecturer and gym owner he has been engaged in a range of businesses primarily within the sport and leisure sector. He has worked for global brands such as adidas, as Executive Director of the Fitness Industry Association (now UK Active) and as a director at McLean Events operating B2B forums across Europe. Latterly Nigel was for 8 years the Client Services Director at Lifetime Training, the largest training provider in the UK, until moving in 2016 to his current independent consulting role. Additionally Nigel is the current Chair of EMD UK and a Non-Executive Director of BUCS.