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    Ministerial address - Stuart Andrew MP

    An introductory message from the Minister for Sport, Stuart Andrew MP

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    Culture, values & creating your organisation's environment

    In this session we explore essential factors to address when creating the environment that defines an organisation and those who are at its core – staff, volunteers, participants and athletes.

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    Being yourself: neuroinclusion & neurodiversity in sport

    Former Olympic rower and founder and Director of Neurodiverse Sport, Caragh McMurtry shares her experiences of overcoming adversity as an Autistic athlete. 

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    Planning for the future: ESG, sport & the environment

    Hear about why climate action has never been more important, how to get stakeholder support when tackling your organisation’s approach, and what practical steps to take next.

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    Bystander intervention: challenging behaviours to create an inclusive culture

    Nate and Rachel draw on their work on the prevention of violence against women and girls through sport and in communities, and their experience of implementing bystander intervention around axes of difference and inequality, including race, disability, seniority, sexuality, age and gender.

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    A culture of safeguarding & wellbeing

    Drawing on several themes of the day, this session addresses how to ensure your organisation puts the safety and wellbeing of its people at the heart of its culture.

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    SGA Awards 2023

    The 2023 conference saw the first ever SGA Awards. We wanted to celebrate the fantastic work being done in sports governance and showcase the dedication, talent and achievements of the SGA community.

    We started with two award categories, with a plan to expand this in future years.

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    Listening to the voice of youth in decision making

    Young people are, quite literally, the future of sport. In this session, we explore how organisations can tap into the thinking and views of youth, incorporating their voice into decision making, strategy setting and the general life and activities of the organisation.

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