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Organisational resilience in sports bodies


Sports organisations face an increasingly complex range of challenges and changes which manifest themselves at a pace which can leave those dealing with them reeling. How individuals and teams working within sports organisations can equip themselves to deal with these rapidly shifting environments is a question that can be addressed by the study of organisational resilience.

Organisational resilience seeks to understand and explain how and why organisations adapt and thrive in environments which are complex and uncertain.

In this webinar, Dr Kirsten Fasey, Director of People and Culture at British Triathlon, discusses her work on organisational resilience, the practical application of research methods, structured interventions in sector bodies and her experience of the workings of national organisations. Kirsten explains what resilience is and the characteristics of behaviours and processes that might demonstrate it, and provides suggestions about practical steps to enhance collective resilience.

Recording & downloads


Apologies for the blurring onscreen. This is to preserve the privacy of attendees.

Slides from the session are available for download.

Download Kirsten's essay for the SGA, Organisational resilience - sports bodies in times of change and uncertainty.


Dr Kirsten Fasey is Director of People & Culture at British Triathlon. Her Ph.D. from Nottingham Trent University focused on organisational resilience in elite sport. As the first programme of research in this new and exciting area, Kirsten spent over three years exploring the characteristics and underlying processes of organisational resilience in various elite sports organisations, and has facilitated a number of small-scale interventions purposively designed to develop resilience at the organisational level.

Previously, Kirsten was a commercial property lawyer for 20 years, and is also an endurance