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    Keynote address

    Jeanette Bain-Burnett, Executive Director of Policy & Integrity, Sport England

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    The revised Code for Sports Governance - a year on

    A look at the principal themes arising during the year since the publication of the revised Code. 

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    Cascading good governance best practice

    This panel session features organisations who have already begun or have well advanced initiatives to implement improved governance in their regional structures.

    We discusss the value of good governance and how this has been articulated to stakeholders. Plus, useful practical insights into challenges faced in rolling out governance projects.

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    Sport & sustainable planning

    Like all areas of society, sport has a responsibility to protect our environment. Our panel  explores practical ways in which sustainability can be put at the heart of strategic planning.

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    Challenges & opportunities for leadership development

    Based on the findings of extensive research and interviews with those occupying leadership roles in a range of NGBs and other organisations in the sector, this session focuses on the nature of sport and leadership in sports organisations, the next evolution of sports leadership, and developing leadership capacity in individuals and teams.

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    People Plans & workforce governance - what does it all mean?

    This session looks at the strategic value of People Plans and workforce governance, both in terms of the Uniting the Movement strategy and the wider sport and physical activity sector. We address how these can impact transformation in the workforce and lead to shifts in organisational culture. 

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    Sport England & UK Sport briefing on EDI

    A look at the key progress made on equality, diversity and inclusion across the sector.

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    Strengthening governance, welfare and safety: learnings from recent reviews

    The panel consider recent reviews into behaviour within the sector and discuss what organisations can take from them in order improve their culture and processes.

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    Sports governance in the UK and the future of the SGA

    Representatives of the five Sports Councils discuss their governance priorities, their strategies for the sector, and how they are working together to improve governance in the sport and physical activity sector across the UK.

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