Meet the speakers

Lorna is a partnership manager at sportscotland and supports the area of sports governance.  She is responsible for co-ordinating the working group that is reviewing the Scottish Governing Body (SGB) governance Framework, she managers the Scottish SGB development audit program and works with several SGBs acting as the main point of contact, coordinating all support and investment from sportscotland to those bodies.  Lorna is also on the project board of Brightspace and is involved in various short-term projects as required. 

Lorna has been involved with sports governance since joining sportscotland in 2002 and has been at the forefront of sportscotlands’ approach to developing good practice within a sporting context. She has worked as partnership manager with over 10 different sports organisations over the years all at various stages in their development.  She strongly believes that good governance is important and it’s not just what you do but how you do things that makes an organisation go from good to great and good governance is always at the centre of a well-run leading organisation.

Lorna has been asked to represent sportscotland on the Home Country Governance group.  sportscotland is working on becoming more involved in the Sports Governance Academy initiative and for SGBs to benefit from this ‘one stop shop’ for sports governance information.  

Lorna has over 20 years’ experience in sport both professionally and as a volunteer.  She was previously involved in providing support to the voluntary sector though the pilotlight Project.  She has also founded a charitable trust for her local community which runs and operates the local library, community centre and sports hall.  She initially established all the governance structures and policies for this organisation and recruited and served on the voluntary board to run it.  She has spent time working as a Development /Performance Manager within a SGB and has served 10 years in the British Army as a soldier and an Officer before serving a further 6 years as an Officer in the Territorial Army.

She joined the Military Police in 1989,  Graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1995 and completed Junior Staff Collage in 2001.  She gained Distinction in the CIPFA Corporate Governance Certificate and is a Trained ACAS work placed mediator. She has been a qualified Gymnastics assistant coach and enjoyed participating in several sporting activities throughout her life.