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Leading Sports Governance

This intermediate course focuses on the key role of the sports governance lead in delivering and supporting effective governance.

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8th May 2024

5 x 2 hour webinars



This intermediate course focuses on the key role of the leader in sports governance in delivering and supporting effective governance. It will benefit those who have begun to establish their governance role or function and are seeking to further their impact. Leading Sports Governance is a progression from the Essential Sports Governance course, though attendance at ESG is not a requirement for those with sufficient knowledge gained from training or experience in their role. It addresses core activities and key governance milestones and looks at what it takes to run an effective board.

Through a combination of teaching and interactive practical exercises, this course develops governance leaders' understanding of key governance processes, effective meetings and decision making, and appreciation of board culture and dynamics.

You will develop:

  • mature governance literacy, aimed at developing a post-compliance culture of good governance
  • an understanding of the ‘softer’ dynamics of relationships on boards and committees 
  • an understanding of stakeholder relationships
  • keys to effective decision making

You will receive:

  • a delegate pack containing notes and presentation slides
  • a certificate of attendance

Completion of the Essential Sports Governance course is not necessary for entry to Leading Sports Governance for those with sufficient knowledge and experience, gained either through formal learning or practical application.

This training has been adapted to an online format and will be split into five separate two-hour sessions across a 2 week period. Attendance at all sessions is required to complete this course. 



Session 1 - Introduction and managing Board meetings

  • Recap of Essential Sports Governance
    • Board composition
    • Diversity and integrity
    • Governance processes
  • Managing Board meetings
    • Process and timetable
    • Agenda and papers
    • Discussion and decision-making
    • Recording decisions and reporting

Session 2 - Decision-making processes and cycle

  • AGM
  • Board – covered in session 1
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting
  • Audit Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Other Committees
  • Panels and working groups

Session 3 - Effective working and relationships

  • Effective relationships within the Board
    • Role of Chair and Senior Independent Director
    • Challenge, support, diversity of thought and teamwork
  • Effective relationships between Board, staff and stakeholders
    • Effective working
    • Strategy v operations
  • Immediate v long-term
  • Case study: The dominant Chair

Session 4 - Whole Board understanding

  • Induction
  • Skills matrix
  • Training and development
  • Board evaluation
  • Succession planning
  • Case study: “I’ve been in this sport for 30 years. I don’t need training”

Session 5 - Board culture

  • Definitions
  • Why organisational culture matters
  • Studying organisational culture
  • Values and behaviours
  • Measuring culture
    • Surveys and interviews
    • Quantitative measures
    • Anthropological approach
  • Influencing culture
  • Case study: Managing tensions among Board members


"Rowland was very adept at ensuring everyone who wanted to got to speak and also in dealing with any queries anyone had. The materials he used were spot on for the course content and helped generate discussion."

"Very enjoyable style. 10 out of 10."

"I liked the interactivity of the group and the comments participants provided which really emphasised the course material. Rowland mixed up the presentation material well."

"So pleased to have been involved. Hopefully will maintain some contact with other participants which is something I had not envisaged at outset as a possible outcome from an online course."

"The tutor had fantastic content knowledge."


Course leader

Rowland Jack

Rowland Jack

Rowland Jack is the founder of I Trust Sport, a sports governance and compliance company dedicated to improving sports governance through collaboration. He supports federations, NGBs, sponsors and other organisations on a range of governance projects. From October 2015 to September 2016 Rowland worked in-house at UK Sport as a governance consultant helping to develop the Code for Sports Governance.

Before taking on his roles in governance consultancy, he worked in sports marketing and communications for more than 10 years, including at six editions of the Olympic Games, summer and winter. Rowland started his career at Sport England, where he worked on the National Lottery funding programmes and managed the chief executive’s office. In 2018 he joined up with two other sports governance specialists to start a second consultancy company, Governance United Ltd.

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20 November - 27th Nov 2024 Online

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